About VU BS

On June 14, 2016 the Senate of Vilnius University approved a decision “On establishment sui generis internal independent unit of Business School at Vilnius University”. The Business School which operated as a separate entity before, became a fully integrated part of the leading university in the country. After integration the name was changed into Vilnius University Business School, its programmes were integrated into the official programme list offered by Vilnius University.


The establishment of Vilnius University International Business School (IBS at VU) in 1989 may be directly linked with historical developments. The country needed a higher education school for training modern specialists able to navigate in the modern business world and have in-depth economic knowledge. The school was founded when prof. dr. Jonas Kunčina with support of United Nations founded the first business school in Lithuania. It became the first non-state high educational institution in the country.


Over 7 000 graduates of the Business School have joined business community. Since the founding the key mission was and still is to assist young people develop their own business or be productive and innovative members of existing businesses. We at the Business School are very well aware that good practice comes from good theories and theoretical models need to be tested in practice. The community of the Business school has always embraced and supported building knowledge, critical thinking, creative discussions, practical application and entrepreneurial action. The Business School puts a lot of efforts to sustain an atmosphere extremely favourable to entrepreneurship – experienced teachers, motivated fellow students and supportive administration ensure that there will always be someone to advise and help the student move forward. Furthermore, The Business School greatly support student and faculty mobility. There are multiple opportunities to enrol into teaching and studying for short visit, one semester or one academic year under the exchange Erasmus+ programme. Vilnius University offers a great choice for such mobility through multiple Erasmus agreements with variety of European universities.




Modern Business School creating value to Vilnius University through education of entrepreneurial competencies



To educate business professionals with social responsibility and environmental awareness



Entrepreneurship. Creativity. Innovation.



 Nacional Accreditations

6 year accreditation was awarded by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education SKVC to the International Business School of Vilnius University on September 9, 2015.


International Accreditation and Ranking: 

6 year accreditation was awarded by CEEMAN to the International Business School of Vilnius on September 25, 2015. 






„Eduniversal“ business school ranking ranked the International Business School of Vilnius University into 3 palmes league as „Excelent Business School”.  




Vilnius University Business School
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