International business

The Deliver date of Course work - on the 1st of June, 2020
The Defense of Course work – from the 1st till the 20th of June, 2020

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About Programme
The key feature of the International Business studies is a strong orientation towards real-life topics and problem-solving approaches, development of analytical and communication skills. Taught subjects are devised in such a way as to ensure active learning both of the conveyed knowledge and of the essential skills. Weekly class time is typically divided into formal lectures and seminars or tutorials. In addition to the class time, students are expected to undertake independent study preparing for lectures and seminars: doing homework, preparing class presentations, carrying out research assignments and writing essays. During the last year of studies all undergraduate students are required to complete a minimum of 12 weeks practice placement, either abroad or in national business enterprises, gaining experience of putting the gained skills into practice and building upon the obtained knowledge and abilities.

Competence and skills acquired

Turn business ideas into action by setting business and managing its growth;
Search, locate, analyse and synthesize information necessary for business purposes;
Interpret business reports and evaluate performance of an organization;
Select and apply relevant research techniques for business and its environment;
Prepare and implement business plans;
Apply decision making methods appropriate to a given business situation;
Identify business development problems and obstacles, and find the means of their solution;
Demonstrate qualities of independence, good communication and presentation skills.

Career perspectives 

Destination surveys show that graduates of International Business studies have good career opportunities in finance and insurance, trade and marketing, human resource management, e-business, private or public management in general. Many of programme graduates start up their own business ventures. Independent surveys and interviews indicate clearly that employers in different areas of labour market value students that have successfully complete our International Business programme. While most of our programme graduates enter the world of business either still studying or immediately after graduating, the sufficiently strong academic backing of the programme enables students to pursue Master degree either in Lithuania or abroad.


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