Invitation to the lecture presented by David Gluckman


You are kindly invited to the lecture „Creating Brands Since 1969. What Works. What Doesn‘t. And Why?“ presented by David Gluckman on 15 November 3 p. m.

David Gluckman has more than 40 years of experience developing and marketing products. He created one of the world’s best-selling liqueur brands, Baileys Irish Cream. This drink is No. 1 in liqueur drinks category and No. 9 in the global spirit drinks market.

In his book “That S*it Will Never Sell!” David Gluckman shares the story of how this drink was created and also his ideas, failures and successes. More information about the book:

David Gluckman has delivered lectures in the following institutions: Dublin City University, Public Relations Institute of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Congregation – Keynote Speaker, Dublin Institute of Technology and many others.


More information about the lecture



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