Lifelong Learning Projects Group

Lifelong Learning Projects Group has been established to perform activities, which contribute to the international competitiveness and innovativeness of business in Lithuania and long term economic growth.

The professional team of experts aims at the provision of support services to improve the efficiency of research and development activities and contribution to the research and development policymaking in Lithuania and internationally.


Lifelong Learning projects group activity areas:

  • Cooperation between business, government, and academia in the field of applied research - Researches contributing to the needs of the market and society - Knowledge transfer to the market
  • Implementation of innovative activities in all processes of VU BS
  • Assistance in attracting funding for knowledge transfer and international strategic cooperation networks
  • Initiation of thematic networks
  • Engagement in the thematic networks
  • Knowledge transfer to the market


saule   Vytenis apkirpta


Prof. dr. Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvinienė 

Head of Entrepreneurship and

Innovation Development





Vytenis Mockus

Project Manager




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