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MBA Entrepreneurship - study program for those who recognise possibilities, create jobs, and generate added value. The programme is intended for people seeking to transform their idea into a business, and for those responsible for product/service development in their organisations. 


The only MBA program in Entrepreneurship in the Baltic States

✔ Entrepreneurial mind-set empowerment.   ✔ Flexible schedule.
 ✔ Intense program | 1 year  ✔ Value based price.
 ✔ Action learning, project-based methods   ✔ Small class size
 ✔ Strong social partners network.  ✔  Study visit in Israel
 ✔ A multinational environment.  ✔ Diverse | Global | Relevant







Entrepreneurial Teaming    fabian Egle Dauniene
Prof. Fabian Bernhard, PhD (France) linkedin  Partnership Assoc. Prof. Eglė Daunienė (Lithuania)linkedin

Creative Design, Prototyping, and Testing


James Bowen, PhD (Canada) linkedin


Opportunity Recognition and Evaluation

Douglas Gilbert, PhD (United States)linkedin

Business Modelling and Customer Validation

Bart Henssen Elzė Rudienė

Prof. Bart Henssen, PhD (Belgium)linkedin

Assoc. Prof. Elzė Rudiendė, PhD (Lithuania)linkedin

Financial Management and Venture Financing

Ieva Buziene 2 Martynas Kandzeras

Assoc. Prof. Ieva Bužienė, PhD (Lithuania)linkedin

Partnership Assoc. Prof.  Martynas Kandzeras (Lithuania)linkedin

Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Law






kristina vilkiene 

Partnership Assoc. Prof. Gediminas Varnas (Lithuania)


  Lect. Kristina Vilkienė (Lithuania)linkedin 

Commercialization and Market Development

Minelgaite   Ignas Zimaitis

Prof. Inga Minelgaite, PhD (Iceland)linkedin


Lect. Ignas Zimaitis (Lithuania)linkedin


Leadership Competencies in Entrepreneurial Context

mantas tvarijonavicius 500x500 Romualda Stragiene

Partnership Assoc. Prof. Mantas Tvarijonavičius, PhD (Lithuania)linkedin

Partnership Assoc. Prof. Romualda Stragienė (Lithuania)linkedin


Managing Rapid Growth and Virtual Teams

Jorge Fernando Pereira Campos
Jorge Fernando Pereira Campos, PhD (Portugal)linkedin

Experiential Entrepreneurship Project

Martynas Kandzeras Jorge Fernando Pereira Campos

Partnership Assoc. Prof.  Martynas Kandzeras (Lithuania)linkedin

Jorge Fernando Pereira Campos, PhD (Portugal)linkedin

*Lecturers and courses can be subject to change.


ikona 9 Investment in Your Personal Development


Application deadlines and tuition fee

Application submitted before 29-06-2022 

10 000 EUR/per year or 5 000 Eur per semester
Application submitted after 29-06-2022 12 000 EUR/per year or 6 000 Eur per semester 



MBA Entrepreneurship students can apply for 2000 Eur scholarship in the autumn semester. 

The tuition fee of 10 000 Eur applies to both Vilnius University and Vilnius University Business School alumni during both application cycles.

Tuition fees must be paid each semester until the end of the first month of the current semester.



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Program Partners

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