ikona 6 INNOVATION AND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION                                         


The team of researchers aims to develop cooperation with different stakeholders with emphasis on research in national and global context in digital transformation, knowledge and innovation management, science and business collaboration, disruptive technologies drivers in industry and to uncover the fundamentals of research in global digital strategy, leadership and innovation. 

Business School provides evidence-based support to policies and businesses in domain of digitalisation, innovation and technology.


Main research topics

Innovation and business ecosystems:

  • Responsible research and innovation demanding entrepreneurship
  • Open innovations and management
  • Development of research and innovation entrepreneurship
  • Social innovations and sustainability in supply chains

Smart development of socio-economic systems:

  • Management of intellectual capital
  • Transformation of business models
  • Smart and sustainable public governance

Digitalisation, society and industry:

  • Digital and technological reorganisation of industry
  • Digital leadership
  • Impact of digitalisation to the development of regions


Saule Maciukaite Zviniene

Head of the Research Team

prof. dr. Saule Maciukaite-Zviniene

Sauletekio av. 22, Vilnius




ikona 9 ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND FAMILY BUSINESS                                    

The research team encompasses socio-economic influence to business and regional development in the fundamental and applicable research.


Main research topics

Competitive businesses:

  • Sectoral business research studies
  • Trade and business cycles
  • Transformations in bank and financial services

Entrepreneurship and Creativity:

  • Development of global entrepreneurship models
  • Alternative markets and entrepreneurship
  • Start-up ecosystems

Family business:

  • Family business in emerging, developing and transition economies
  • Family business dynamics, behavioural processes and innovations in family companies
  • Family companies and stakeholders: branding, image and reputation




ikona 17 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE                              

The research team perform research and provide insights on a broad range of issues facing corporations bridging the gap between theory and practice that includes principles of corporate governance, good governance, responsible business, audit and risk, shareholders, advisory.


Main research topics 

Responsible business:

  • Responsible investing
  • The value of social capital
  • Stakeholders orientation on innovation
  • Gender diversity
  • Sustainability policies and stock returns


Corporate governance policies:

  • Capital structure and entrepreneurial culture
  • Impact of managerial biases
  • The role of ownership in companies
  • Firm policies and boards




ikona 1 GLOBAL LEADERSHIP                           

Global leadership is a key factor for business success and the global leadership vacuum is identified by the team of researchers as the most significant challenge. The team perform research on the most critical issues on culture transformation, value for human skills and technological developments, ethical challenges for leaders and businesses.


Main research topics:

  • Diversity in global leadership performance;
  • Global leader in private sector development;
  • Public and Private Partnerships;
  • Globalisation and leadership.



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