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As American businessman Nolan Bushnell accurately pointed out: everyone who has ever taken a shower has an idea, but the difference is made only by the person who does something about it. If you are ready to give yourself the freedom to generate new ideas and bring them to life, discover original solutions and implement them –International Business programme is a good start. Here you will get a lot of support to get the best out of yourself and your ideas. 


Why should you choose business studies?

In this programme you will get a broad education and the perception of the real business world. You will acquire knowledge in such fields as Economic analysis, Marketing and Sales, Accounting and Finance, Customer relationship management, Negotiation, Communication, Project management, etc. Here you will learn how to create and run a successful business

Real-life business. An International Business programme has a strong orientation towards real-life – real business stories and problems, real hunting for the best solutions.

Intercultural environment. 2/3 of your fellow students come from all over the world. It is a great start to your international network. 

Dynamic learning. Here you will get not only knowledge but also the essential skills from experienced lecturers and business leaders. Weekly class time is typically divided into formal lectures and seminars or tutorials. 


Also, you can choose:

  • to go abroad for 1 semester or 1 year and participate in Erasmus+ exchange programme
  • to go abroad for 1 semester or 1 year and participate in exchange programmes through bilateral agreements (f.e. Sinagapore, China, Canada).
  • students are required to complete a minimum of 4 months of practice placement. You can choose to work either abroad or in national business enterprises.
  • double degree and study for 2 years in our partner's university.
  • China Track:

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Skills you will get

From idea to success. Turn business ideas into action by setting business and managing its growth.

Information management. Search, locate, analyse and synthesize information necessary for business purposes.

Analytical skills. Interpret business reports and evaluate performance of an organization. Select and apply relevant research techniques for business and its environment.

Strategy and planning. Prepare and implement business plans.

Leadership. Apply decision making methods appropriate to a given business situation.

Insight. Identify business development problems and obstacles, and find the means of their solution.


Career opportunities 

Graduates of International Business studies have good career opportunities. From creating and running own business to becoming valued professionals in any organization or company. From finance and insurance, trade and marketing to human resource management, e-business, private or public management. The sufficiently strong academic backing of the programme enables students to pursue Master degree either in Lithuania or abroad.





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