Study Programme for Those Who Aim to Become the Next-generation of Tech Entrepreneurs and Bridge the Worlds of Technology and Business.



ikona 2 Why should you choose DeepTech Entrepreneurship? 

 DeepTech Entrepreneurship programme is a unique MSc programme that blends academic knowledge, start-up accelerator and real experience to prepare students to become the next-generation of successful technology entrepreneurs.

Future oriented organizations are looking for employees with entrepreneurial mindsets. This programme aims to educate LEADERS at the intersection of science and business, with a deep understanding of technology, data science, innovation management, and entrepreneurship.

VU Business School seeks not only to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed but also to EMPOWER the future professionals to integrate them into the start-ups ecosystem in order to grow transformative organizations that will advance to bridge THE WORLDS of technology and management.

The programme is developed in three major areas:

  • technologies
  • entrepreneurship
  • strategic leadership


This programme  is designed and implemented together with:

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ikona 16  Skills you will get
  • entrepreneurship and its application;
  • innovation and the issues related to developing them in business;
  • how to design strategies for new opportunities;
  • how to develop innovation-driven company


ikona 4  By the end of the programme you will be able to:
  • integrate knowledge from different fields into action;
  • solve complex problems in undefined situations;
  • integrate the deeptech opportunities;
  • forecast and initiate change;
  • develop innovative products;
  • communicate effectively;
  • engage with a wide range of stakeholders;
  • work effectively in diverse environments.


ikona 14  Career paths                                       
Founders of start-ups and spin-offs are entrepreneurship and innovation. They inspire their team, make the core decisions, are the main public representative. The supreme visioner leading the company into strategic future business opportunities. They shape the culture and processes for innovation to succeed in an organization, train others to become better. The networker who makes essential connections. It is a strategic role that demands creativity, excellent business foresight, top negotiation skills, intuition in innovations. The marketing lead in a company is a growth-hacker. Marketing professional is capable to implement long-vision marketing strategies, adapt to business needs to change, and is responsible for corporate marketing and product management. Tech Entrepreneur sees the future of “blue” ideas using technology to launch start-ups, create jobs, develop innovations. Remember these names: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg.






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